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Donald Conner

Chess Coach I played in my first rated tournament in 1961 and have earned the U.S. Chess Federation title of National Master(1991). Generally I have a some what classical playing style that is a somewhat universal style. As a teacher I am very skills orientated and am deeply influenced by the article 'The Expert Mind' which talks of patterns. I don't try to dictate a student's playing style but I do strongly suggest that they develop a wide range of skills - thus for example I have them learning how to attack before I work with them on llearning positional play. I think I take a somewhat traditional approach which I learned from two I sook a few lessons from - GM Sergey Kudrin and IM Igor Khmelnitsky. I also seem to be influenced by NM Dan Heisman. I teach both adults who play in rated tournaments and scholastic players, including a class at a local middle school. One of my adult students remarked that I am very pragmatic in my approach and teaching style. Tallahassee, Florida Area

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