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Geetanjali Bhide

Dr Geetanjali Bhide, MSc, PhD is practicing Sports Nutritionist at Lakshya Sports Foundation, Army Rowing Node- Mission Olympics wing. She coaches and counsel’s novice, child, adolescent, and elite athletes ranging from shooting, archery, boxing, wrestling, fencing, golf, cricket, badminton, tennis and kabbadi. She believes in holistic nutrition and devices nutrition health plans based on different phases of training, competition, off season, as per the need of the sport. She has the expertise of nutrition assessment, understands the sports training essentials, and safe supplementation. She is also a panel member for nutritional supplements guidelines for FDA. She is the author of the book “Nutritional guidelines for sportspersons” published under the aegis of “Sports authority of Andra Pradesh”. She was invited as the expert panel member for a webcast on adolescent athlete at GSK Human Performance Lab, UK in June 2016. She set up the Sports Nutrition department of the Army Sports Institute, Pune and has also worked as consultant nutritionist with GSK Consumer Health Care. She regularly conducts many invited sports nutrition workshops/seminars for practicing nutritionists/dietitians, athletes, coaches and sports medicine specialists. Her research on Indian athletes is presented and published at national and international conferences. Her experience as a sports nutritionist, academician, speaker, researcher and writer spans over 15years. Mumbai/Pune

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